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FEATURED ARTICLE — July 24th, 2017

Voice Commands: The Future of SEO

“Right now, voice search is more of a convenience than a helpful tool in itself. I think the value comes when you can tell a device to complete an action in one fell swoop. I can ask for movie times, but in most cases I still have to buy the tickets myself. Soon I’ll be able to say something like, ‘Buy tickets for the 8:30 p.m. showing of Star Wars at Joe’s Cinema. Find seats towards the middle of the theater.’ At that point, voice search will be more than a gimmick.”

— Gregory Sidor, Earned Media Lead at The Search Agency

Voice search is new, it’s sexy and it’s all the rage right now.

In actuality, voice search has been around since 2011 when Siri hit the scene.

One of the biggest questions surrounding this technology, however, revolves around how it is poised to change consumer habits and search trends.

While voice search has been in the hands of the public for some time now, it has been gaining popularity at a slow but steady pace. Today, 27 percent of U.S. Smartphone users activate voice search functions once a week or more.

One of the main reasons why voice search has recently been gaining steam, as Mr. Sidor noted, is the transition from voice search to voice action.

Voice search is exactly what it sounds like: Ask a question on a search engine, and a response is returned with relevant SERPs.

Voice actions, however, allow users to elicit an activity.

Voice action can do more than have Google tell you the temperature outside. It can order an Uber, schedule a calendar appointment, or place an order via speech commands.

This is what users are truly interested in; controlling the world around them without ever interfacing with a keyboard or a screen.

At this juncture, however,... Read More

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